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Adaptations of organisms to the environment

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Years 9 - 10

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Description At the end of this activity, students should be able to:
– describe the dynamic influence of environmental factors on adaptation
– describe the range of adaptations and their categories
– understand the causes of similar adaptations in unrelated groups of organisms
– understand the significance of energy-saving adaptations
– understand the adaptational significance of gathering and processing information.
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Consists of...
Adaptations – measuring success [Whiteboard exercise]
 What is an adaptation? [Whiteboard exercise]
Stenotopic species [Animation]
Eurytopic species [Slideshow]
Ubiquistic species [Slideshow]
The range of adaptations [Whiteboard exercise]
Energy-saving adaptations [Whiteboard exercise]
Convergent evolution [Whiteboard exercise]
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individual, generation, mammals, organ, Species, birds, fish, environment, organisms, adaptations, adaptation, natural selection, convergent evolution, eurytopic species, stenotopic species, ubiquistic species, Adaptations of organisms to the environment

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