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Extraction of metals. Part I

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Years 11 - 12

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Description At the end of this activity, students should be able to:
– explain and define a mineral and an ore
– explain the general methods for extracting metals from their ores
– explain the importance of iron to man
– describe the operation of a blast furnace and discuss the chemical processes occurring during the extraction of iron
– explain the basic oxygen process for making steel.
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Extraction of metals. Part I [Interactive lesson]
Consists of...
Minerals and ores [Whiteboard exercise]
Iron content in pyrite [Whiteboard exercise]
Minerals of iron [Slideshow]
Chemical reduction [Animation]
Energy considerations [Animation]
Methods for metal extraction [Whiteboard exercise]
Iron and its history [Slideshow]
Iron, the most common metal [Whiteboard exercise]
Main process [Animation]
The role of limestone [Animation]
Energy considerations [Animation]
Iron extraction [Whiteboard exercise]
Hess's law [Whiteboard exercise]
Basic oxygen process [Animation]
Alloys of iron [Slideshow]
Making steel [Whiteboard exercise]
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