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Separating mixtures

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Years 7 - 8

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Description At the end of this activity, students should be able to:
– explain the ways in which mixtures can be separated into their constituents in a number of ways,- explain how distillation, filtration, evaporation and chromatography can be used to separate different types of mixtures.
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Separating mixtures [Interactive lesson]
Consists of...
Statements about separating mixtures [Whiteboard exercise]
Coffee [Slideshow]
Filtration apparatus [Whiteboard exercise]
Evaporation of brine [Animation]
Crystallisation [Illustration]
Testing banknotes by chromatography [Whiteboard exercise]
Simple distillation [Animation]
Simple distillation: statements [Whiteboard exercise]
Crude oil [Slideshow]
Fractional distillation apparatus [Whiteboard exercise]
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melting, boiling, melting point, separating, mixtures, Separating mixtures, melting points

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